Friday, 3 July 2015


The Dyaltov incident surrounds the case of the in-explainable death of nine hikers in the Ural Mountains, back in February 1959. Although the final verdict was that the hikers all died of a natural force, as always, there are many facts and theories surrounding this case suggesting that their death could have been caused by something different altogether.

In February 1959, a group of ten people hiked across the northern Urals in Sverdlovsk Oblast, one member of which had to turn back due to illness. One evening, the group decided to set up camp on the slope of a mountain after realizing they had lost their sense of direction, and not wanting to lose the altitude they had gained, chose to camp there instead of somewhere safer and more sheltered.

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Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle, Luda Dubrinina, Semyon Zolotarvev and Zina Kolmogorova

After being declared missing, on February 26th, searchers found the group's empty and damaged tent. Nearby, bodies were found in odd circumstances and the final four bodies of the hikers took a further two months to be discovered. It was concluded that the bodies of the hikers first found had died of hypothermia. The final four bodies, however, had major and fatal injuries, notability from chest fractures so severe they could be compared to those gained from the force of a car crash (but no external wounds, almost as if the bodies had been subjected to a high level of pressure). One of the hikers, Dubinina, was missing her tongue, eyes and part of her lips.

Additionally, all the bodies had been found in almost near naked states. The footprints leading away from the tent (which was badly damaged and ripped open from the inside) - along with the groups belongings and shoes being left behind - suggested that they had all fled from their tent wearing simply socks, a single shoe or nothing at all. The first bodies found were dressed only in their underwear, but the last four bodies found were dressed in more, suggesting that they had taken clothes from the others.

The most common theory is that there was an avalanche - the group would have had to have cut their way out of their tent after being 'snowed in', and that their items of clothing and shoes would have been ruined by the cold and wet snow, making the items dangerous to wear. But it was obvious the group had left in a hurry, with one hiker taking his camera but leaving the rest of his equipment behind.

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The tent as it was found
Others believe it could have been a military accident, due to reports of parachute mines being tested in that particular area around the time that they were there. People also believe that the bodies had been moved and that photos of the tent show that it was put up incorrectly, an odd fact considering how experienced the hikers were.

Bizarrely, some of the clothing were found to be highly radioactive and around about the same time, other hikers and independent witnesses claim to have spotted strange orange spheres in the night sky, suggesting perhaps another much more disturbing theory to this strange case.

So what was it that contributed to the strange death of these nine hikers? Although an avalanche seems like the most plausible answer, it doesn't explain their odd injuries, their state of undress, their radioactive clothing or even the fact that one of them was missing a TONGUE.

Hopefully one day we'll get answers, but considering there were no survivors in this story, I very much doubt it.

What do you think? Do you think the official avalanche theory is correct? Or perhaps the truth is something much more sinister? Let me know with a comment!

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I never thought there would be a day where I would log onto my blog and say/type so boldly that I use a dating website/app, without feeling embarrassed or desperate or like a complete loser. 

Apart from a brief stint on Plenty Of Fish back in the day (stumbled upon accidentally whilst suspecting an ex boyfriend of mine to be cheating on me and finding out that yes, yes he was. His success on Plenty Of Fish and my new found rage for revenge led me to try out the website on and off for a good while and was mildly successful), I'm not a massive fan of dating websites. It's not that I'm against them either, it's just on the whole for me, it just seems like such a faffabout.

You log on, spend ages creating the perfect profile and choosing the perfect photos, sift through messages most of which are from weirdo's, sometimes find a few cute people etc. Then you have to keep the conversation going on something that is ultimately short lived - if you don't arrange a date soon, chances are someone else will catch their (or your!) eye. Then when you eventually do arrange a date, they usually live miles away or take you out and then admit AFTERWARDS they don't want a relationship and you're back to square one. IT'S JUST SO MUCH EFFORT. I mean I completely agree you should be open minded and actively dating when you are single because if you're not looking for the one, dating can be a lot of fun. But sometimes I just really can't be bothered.

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BEEP BEEP BEEP hot rockstars where are you all?!
Edit - I do get matches and such, the app just sometimes takes a while to get going ;)
Tinder on the other hand, even though it may be shallow, takes all the fuss out of that all. I mean yes, I suppose you still have to keep the conversation going and arrange a date ASAP, but on the whole, it makes the first phase of dating so much easier. I'm kind of biased about the whole theme of Tinder, considering you're pretty much judging someone on their looks. On one hand, I think looks definitely are not everything. I rate personality highly over looks and in the past have gone out with really good looking people then found myself disliking them because of their personality, or dating people I wouldn't look at twice in the street but finding them more and more attractive the more I get to know them or find I have in common with them. There is just nothing like that feeling you get when you click really well with someone.

On the other hand, it definitely takes the whole time wasting out of dating. Let's be frank here - how many times have you met someone who seems really nice, who you get on well with and find kind of cute and then find yourself just not being able to like them that way? How many times have you phased them out and stopped replying to their texts simply because you don't have a reason for not wanting to see them again - because something just isn't there? I've even been guilty of this once or twice on Tinder when I'm aimlessly swiping left and right - sometimes I have to pause and think, hold on, this guy is cute, but if he messages me will I actually take the time to respond or arrange a date?

Sure, it makes the Tinder dating pool smaller, but it also makes it a better pool overall.

Cool use of that quote there, eh. (Sort of).

I personally don't think I'll find the love of my live on Tinder, even though I'm not looking. I tend to believe that when I'm ready, someone will come along probably when I'm least expecting it and in the most random of ways.

But Tinder is definitely super fun and can be successful for dating if you're willing to put the effort in. Even if I'm not looking for anything in particular, I can't deny it's nice to have a bit of attention, to see someone match with me or to finish work and find messages from cute boys. And there are much less weirdos on here then Plenty Of Fish. 

I have had a little of success on Tinder myself, more so when I've actively been using it and willing to go on dates. Just late last year I met someone on Tinder and ended up dating them for about six months - a first, for me. Normally I either go on one date with someone and we never see them again or I end up seeing someone a lot and getting into a relationship with them. To be able to be so laid back and not worrying about where something is going, to seeing someone over the course of six months, not constantly but having really fun dates when we did, was actually really nice for once. And I suppose I have Tinder to thank for that!

I think the best part about Tinder is how I can just say to my friends 'hey, this dude messaged me on Tinder the other night....' and just talk about it openly. I remember the days when if you even spoke to someone online you were considered weird!

Tinder is just so socially acceptable these days that no matter how far things go with someone, you're perfectly happy to tell people you met on Tinder because it's just the norm now. Even some of my favourite rockstars have been spotted on there! Although this kind of baffles me a bit because how can a sexy rockstar struggle to find a girl and have to resort to Tinder instead?

Nonetheless, despite the new phase of dick picks constantly popping up on people's stories (men have become a tad more classier, now choosing to share their obvious package in tight boxers rather then whipping it out. Well done guys, that's totally going to work...) I think overall if you're a single pringle who's ready to mingle then you should definitely be on Tinder right now.

BRB, I'm now off to search for and swipe right on all my favourite rockstars..!

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Monday, 29 June 2015


Every now and then, I find myself with a small list of things I want to talk about but don't exactly warrant a whole blog post of writing. So today I'm going to talk about some of those things and stuff I'm really loving lately or really excited about.

I've just had a week off work so have certainly been catching up on all my favourite TV shows and the like. Having just treated myself to an Xbox One, I'm really loving Resident Evil Revelations and Tomb raider Definitive Edition lately. Insidious Chapter Three was really good last week, but I've also recently watched and absolutely loved Rush (a story about two competing F1 drivers, starring Chris Hemsworth) and If I Stay, which is based on a book I read last year. On Netflix, I'm currently binging on Orange Is The New Black, Parks & Recreation and Between. Phew.

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The Crystal Maze is back baby! In case you haven't already heard, Little Lion Entertainment decided to make everyone's dreams come true and set up a fun via Indiegogo to raise money so that they could re-create the set in the centre of London for an immersive experience. They raised their target goal of £500,000 in just one week! The experience won't be shown on TV but yes, the traditional crystal dome will be there as they are trying to make it as close to the show as possible and even Richard O'Brien is going to be involved! I always wanted to go on The Crystal Maze when I was younger so even though I just know I'm going to be hopeless at it, I've already bagged myself a ticket. Early bird tickets are now sold out (who's surprised), but you can pledge to their fund and grab yourself a ticket now for just £45 here. It's all due to be up and running by late 2015 (October time) and I am SO DAMN EXCITED. See you all there...WILL YOU START THE FANS PLEASE!

I tried so hard not to like these guys as I really didn't think they would be my kind of thing. I was wrong. With a mixture of upbeat tunes you can sing your heart out too and darker, thoughtful rap songs, these guys have it all. You've all no doubt already heard of these dudes but in case you haven't, or you're just really stubborn like me, swallow your pride and check them out now. You won't be disappointed.

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How freakin' cool is this new tattoo trend?! For someone who is a self confessed cross stitcher (that sounds kinda dirty spoken out loud...), I'm totally on this trend already and planning one for my next bit of ink. They just all look so quirky and cool and I bet they would look so feminine using pretty pastel colours.

I've got a few awesome gigs coming up that I'm looking forward, especially as it's been a while since I've seen a band live and even longer since I've been to a local gig. Tomorrow I'm heading down to The Horn in St Albans to see some local bands play which should be fun as The Horn always has a really great atmosphere. Thursday I'm seeing Funeral For A Friend at Kiln Farm in Milton Keynes, and early in August the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus boys are returning to London as part of their mini UK Tour. Can't. Wait. Tickets are available for all of these gigs still now, so have a google and grab some if you fancy it. Small and intimate gigs with big amazing bands are always super fun..

These are just a few things I'm currently digging lately, a mixture of music, movies and, er, The Crystal Maze! Most of this has come about because I've had a week off work and have actually had time to indulge in some of my favourite things so hopefully now that I'm back at work I can try and keep it up.

What things are you really loving lately? Let me know with a comment!

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Saturday, 27 June 2015


The other night I finally got around to seeing Insidious chapter 3 (with a snuck in can of Kopparberg to help with my nerves) and NEVER AGAIN. Let's just say I couldn't sleep that night...

I've always loved the Insidious films, from their old school horror style (the loud violins and opening title is a nod to classic horror movies) and their lack of special affects to make something that is genuinely really spooky and disturbing. It's refreshing to see a horror movie go back to basics and I absolutely loved how well the sequel tied in with the first one, I thought it was very very smart.

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I had high hopes for number 3 but being that it's a prequel, I wasn't sure how good it would be since it was moving away from the story line we know and instead focusing on mainly new characters. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It still dealt with the same kind of basis that people can travel into the darkness or 'the further' and spirits can latch onto someone to stay there, but this film was much spookier and dealt with a whole other demon (the man who cannot breathe).

This film focuses around a girl called Quinn Brenner (played by Stefanie Scott), who gets in touch with Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye) because she wants to make contact with her recently deceased mother. Cue lots of emotion on my part, kind of wish I'd known this before going to see this film considering I've recently lost my mum too. I suppose in some ways this meant the film hit me in ways that it probably wouldn't in other people and I really, really felt a connection to Quinn and could understand what she was going through, feeling so lost and just wanting some sort of sign that her mum was still around. I didn't expect Insidious 3 to be emotional in that sense but it was, and I felt they captured what this girl was going through really well as opposed to just using this part of the story line as a platform to the rest of the story line.

We soon find out that Quinn has been trying to make contact with her mother for a while but instead of course makes contact with someone else. Spooky or what. Freaky stuff soon starts happening (which required me to hide behind my hands half the time) all whilst her Dad, played by Dermot Mulroney (DILF), tries to manage looking after his family alone now and trying to protect his daughter.

The story line is real interesting and genuinely seemed really realistic and believable. I loved that Lin Shaye's character returned for this film too (even though returned probably isn't the right word to use since it's actually a prequel) and thought she was pretty badass. New characters, Quinn and her dad, Sean, were quite cool too and their parts were played excellently. I liked how Quinn portrayed being a teenager, taking some typical traits like being a blogger and taking photos of her breakfast, but not constantly throwing tantrums like teenagers are often portrayed as in films. Dermot Mulroney played his part super well which is surprising because starring in a horror movie is a much different role to what he usually plays.

The only thing I felt the film fell short on was 'the further' which seemed a tad less scary this time around. I'm not sure why, it's just when characters were travelling through that, it didn't seem or even look as scary as it had in the previous films so most of the scares took place elsewhere.

This film offered a lot of scares and jumps and I think that's why I love the Insidious series. James Wan and Leigh Whannel (who actually stars in the film too), always manage to build up the suspense really well but also manage to get the audience jumping in places when they least expect it. I'm so glad they both returned to write and direct this film, although Leigh wrote and directed this one as opposed to James Wan directing, who instead just produced this one. They both work well together.

The film sets up the whole Insidious genre really well and we also see the beginning of how Elise finds and begins her paranormal project (for lack of a better word) with sidekicks Specks and Tucker, introduced in this first film.

But, if you're not a geek like me and don't care much about any of that, this film is still at it's very basis a genuinely really scary film with a few touching moments and even some funny parts too. I wouldn't recommend seeing it if you're prone to getting scared easily (unless you like that, like me) but other then that I'd say it's definitely worth going to see.

I know I said I'd NEVER SEE IT AGAIN because it was so damn scary (I ran from my best friends car to my front door and switched every light on when I got in) but it's just that good that I'd probably psyche myself up to watch it again, just never, ever alone..

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Thursday, 25 June 2015


I'm currently six episodes into my Netflix binge of Orange Is The New Black and it's got me thinking about some of my favourite TV shows that ended way too early, deserved more episodes or that I just really bloody miss. It's the worst thing in the world when a TV show gets cancelled because you end up feeling so lost and simply don't know what to do with your life. Who cares if there was nowhere else to go with the show?!

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The Fifth Kingdom was a firm favourite in my household when growing up. A grown up and more modern take on different fairy tales, this quirky show incorporated some of the classics such as Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Giant Beanstalk to make one completely original story line that took place over ten episodes. I genuinely thought there was so much more that could be explored with this story and really, really miss this show. It's probably a bit dated now, but it's always been a childhood favourite of mine! I also totally had a bit of a crush on Wolf. #Sorrynotsorry.

Okay so Scrubs may have run for nine seasons but it was because it was SO BLOODY GOOD and I miss it SO BLOODY MUCH. This show took humour, romance and pretty much a bit of everything and added it to a kind of dark and slightly morbid theme which was doctors working in a hospital. Obviously this black comedy featured a lot of sad story lines, but they managed to tug at my heart strings really damn well. Every single episode had a message behind it and this show had some awesome soundtracks. Also, JD and Elliot are my ultimate OTP and always will be.

The Returned is a French horror/thriller series about people that come back from the dead. It's extremely intriguing and will keep you on your seat the whole time - each episode has turn after turn without actually answering any mysteries - which is why we need a new series ASAP. I NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS. I think a second season has been confirmed but c'mon guys, it's been like three years since the first season was broadcast, plz hurry up.

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I caught Threesome broadcast one late night on Comedy Central and fell in love with this show immediately. It's a comedy that followed three friends trying to raise a baby conceived one night when they had a threesome. The show was about Alice and Mitch who were a couple living with their gay best friend, Richie, who ended up getting Alice pregnant during their threesome. The three friends were the least likely people to become parents ever, and the show was absolutely hilarious. The proposal scene is comedy gold. I've been ever so gutted that they never continued this show because it was a real gem that unfortunately was never as popular as it should have been. I also had a total girl crush on Amy Huberman who played Alice - she's hilarious and could definitely give Lena Durham a run for her money...

Lost In Space is actually my Dad's contribution to this list, I've never even heard of it and have only seen the film with Joey from Friends and that awesome theme song but hey, apparently a lot of people want this show to come back he says and it has a cult following. Having a mooch on Wikipedia, it's quite an old show so I suppose half you readers probably weren't even born yet when it was broadcast but hey, this entry is for Dad.

These are just some shows I'd KILL to come back soon, even though The Returned may or may not actually be coming back but still. What I'd give for just one more fix of each of these shows, if even to know how all the characters ended up. It makes me sad to see other shows having such a long run that they don't deserve, whereas these gems will never grace our TV screens again *sob*

If there was one show you'd kill to see return, what would it be?! Let me know with a comment!

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